Angelina and Brad at Loggerhead For Kids Custody


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be at loggerhead, as they commence a case, to determine who gets the custody of their kids. According to a report, the hearing will begin early next month.

The duo filed legal documents requesting the judge of a Superior Court in Los Angeles to give them till next June and allow them to use a private judge to review their bitter divorce.

By December 4, the trial for the custodianship of the duo kids will commence, and both parents could not be separated further. Angelina wants exclusive physical custody of all six children, and Brad wants a 50/50 division custody.

According to report, the trial will last between two and three weeks, after which the judge must settle the custody issue.

The private judges also have to sort out the property issue aside from the custody. They don’t have an agreement about right to property and support before they got married. Given the current state of things between them, it makes the case a little more difficult.

Brad Pitt had complained that he believes that Angelina wants to deny him the right to their children.

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