Beyonce Rolls Out Support for Beto….


Beyonce effort seems to be a bit late for the Beto O’Rourke party; she has just given him a huge hype on the day of the election – posing with Beko branded hat and encouraging Americans to vote.

Queen Bey has just posted a photo collage on IG that shows her putting on a Hat labeled “Beto for Senate” – the same as what LeBron wore only a few weeks ago. She described the picture with a lengthy description of why it is necessary to vote, saying that complains are not worth it if people don’t fulfill their fundamental right – voting.

She then wished everyone positive energy during the vote and ensuring them that every vote cast counts and that each race is important. It is obvious she is in support of Beto to replace the outgoing Republican Ted Cruz. Let us not forget that Beyonce is from Houston.

She is the latest known person to support Beto in a tight race for the Senate seat, which many interviewers consider a difficult battle for the Democrats. Travis Scott recently participated in Beto’s election campaign, as well as Arian Foster. He also collected money from famous people to aid the election mobilization.

It’s hard to say whether Bey’s support at the last minute would have a decisive impact at this stage

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