Christina Milian was involved in a dispute with a bar bouncer who obstructed her as well as one of her friend, which subsequently triggered a brawl and the cops had to intervene. Yoceleb has learned.

Christina as well as a couple of ladies, which include “WAGs” superstar Nicole Williams, visited the Figueroa Hotel in downtown L.A . on Tuesday night after turning up at the Bruno Mars performance. Witnesses reveal that they attempted to reach to the bar off the lobby. Unfortunately, the bouncer threw up a half halt signal as it was after the final call.

The unusual aspect is, we were informed he allow in Nicole and a couple of persons before completely preventing the singer/actress and her other friend. A bystander alleges one of her friends who was inside attempted to open an entrance, Christina threw a drink at the bouncer. Subsequently, the issue got out of control. We’re informed he tried to get hold of Christina , unfortunately two men jumped in and a fight ensued .

Christina’s people narrated a unique account of the incident – According to them, the hotel manager informed them they could gain entry to the bar, but as soon as the bouncer began to get hostile. Nicole left in search of the manager. They denied the accusation that Christina threw the drink at the bouncer, and allege that the bouncer hit one of Christina’s friend during the dispute.

When they realized he wasn’t succumbing, they ordered an Uber and left the hotel. Christina’s camp claims the bouncer pursued them down the street as they strolled to meet their ride.

Regarding the physical combat — Christina’s people claim that the guys involved were not one of her companions. Sources from the police reveal that LAPD went to the scene, but no information if a statement was lodged .

A staff for the Figueroa states the fight “was unfortunate and was diffused by hotel staff and security to the very best of their ability.”

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