Don’t Play My Music in Your Political Gathering, Else…. Rihanna Warns Trump


Rihanna does not want to wait for the election time … she clearly explained her position on President Trump by sending him a legal warning on the use of her music at his political gatherings.

RiRi’s attorneys sent a letter of termination and withdrawal to Trump’s legal team after playing “Don’t Stop the Music” on Sunday in Chattanooga, Tennessee during his rally. The letter stated that, POTUS used Rihanna’s melodies during most of his political events organized in the United States.

The letter, first published by Rolling Stone, warns that Rihanna did not give consent to Trump to use her music. “is therefore improper.”. Translation: Repeat it and we will sue you.

A Washington Post reporter tweeted on Sunday to Rihanna after watching the Trump rally. She replied: “Me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies.”

It has to be a game for Trump at this stage – he received the same warnings from Pharrell Williams, Prince estate, Steven Tyler and several other artists.

So, playing RiRi’s music, when everyone knows how much she support Obama, it just seems to be a deliberate act.

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