George Lopez to appear in Court for Alleged Battery


George Lopez will have to respond to allegedly hitting a fan who harassed him with the Trump joke and place a camera to his face. Hence he is to face charges of misdemeanor battery…

Police sources reveal that George will have to appear in court next month for charges of alleged manhandling of the man who tried to video him in October, while the comedian was leaving the restaurant.

According to a reported video of the incidence George caught the young man’s neck … a guy who had earlier asked requested to snap with the comedian. The guy directly mock George with the Trump joke, at that instance George lost his cool.

According to police report, the next day they found George on a golf course and asked him for his version of the story. George just told the cops he did not want a video of him to be taken, and so he tried to snatch the guy’s phone.

George also told the cops, he feels the guy was trying to taunt him by waiting at the entrance/ exit door and throwing the jokes of “MAGA” at him, knowing well that George is fiercely against Trump.

The officer said he had informed George that he would receive a court calls for alleged battery and that he (George) was submissive.

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