Hospital slams Late Verne Troyer’s Estate A bill of $364K….


The estate of Verne Troyer gets a potent reminder of the high cost of medical care because he has just been given the most expensive bill for his last days in the general hospital.

According to legal documents, the Valley Presbyterian Hospital surged Verne’s possession of $ 364,797.05 for his hospitalization for nearly three weeks. Verne finally died of alcohol abuse.

It could sound like a move coming directly from Mr. Evil’s theater. The fact is that creditors do not have time to apply after someone dies. We saw this as happened to Michael Jackson and a few other famous people.

Remember that Star Austin Powers ran into him in the hospital after the cops called. Verne was extremely upset, drunk and suicidal. He was put under resuscitation and stayed in the hospital until his death.

As we have said, Verne’s estate has recently been hit by a last-week emergency bill.

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