It’s not My Fault Tekashi Got Probation – Sentencing Judge


Judge of the Manhattan Penal Court Felicia Mennin said her decision to pronounce the punishment of Tekashi69 as probationary time instead of jail could be a mistake, but it wasn’t her fault.

Tekashi has twice breached the terms of his guilty plea agreement in his case of Child sexual violence by getting imprisoned for alleged attacks in Houston and Brooklyn. Hence, he could have been sent to serve a jail term for years, but the judge did not give him a day.

The truth is the prosecutors wanted to send Tekashi to jail for 1-3 years – but Judge Mennin advocated four-year parole and even de-emphasize Tekash’s arrest in Houston; which she believes may have just been a case of – “push back against an amateur paparazzi.”

Judge Mennin has now blamed the presiding judge, prosecutor and defense attorney for annulment of the original plea agreement.

Spokesman of Mennin, Lucian Chalfen revealed that: “Although Judge Mennin was the sentencing judge, the long-standing plea agreement was agreed to by the presiding judge at the time, and the other parties involved.”

As it was earlier reported, a few hours after the sentence, a Tekashi crew member was shot after a brawl at a New York restaurant.

Last week, Tekashi and his team had a conflict with Slim 400 and his entourage in Los Angeles. The rapper had to be restrained.

And last Friday, eight shots were fired at the video set of Tekashi / Kanye / Nicki Minaj in Beverly Hills.

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