Jenna and Channing Spend Time With New Lovers After Halloween Reunion


Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum appear to seriously possess the divorce issue down — moving from serene reconciled exes one day to lovers with their latest boos.

Jenna was seen on Thursday close to Palm Springs with her new lover, Steve Kazee, making the most of a mid-day stroll. She put on a smiling face as she was communicating with her cell phone — sincerely, she couldn’t appear happier.

Jenna and Steve Taking A Stroll on Thursday

On the other hand, Channing was seen taking their little princess, Everly, to Jessie J’s live performance in L.A. later that day. He has been in a relationship with the celebrity for about a few months after separating from Jenna this year.

Talking about Everly, her parents went out on Halloween to go trick-or-treating with her.
The duo is letting go. However, the pair do not appear sad over the separation — particularly because each has a new romantic relationship.

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