Kate Middleton’s Outfit Shows Costume ain’t a must for Halloween


Anyone who thinks they must get a costume for the Halloween may want to re-think their stance.

As millions of American rack their heads, to come up with Brilliant and unique look for the holidays, Kate Middleton has decided to keep things beautiful and elegant while she attended a special event.

On Wednesday afternoon, Duchess of Cambridge visited the Imperial War Museum in London where she saw letters about the three brothers of her great-grandmother. All the people fought and died during the First World War.

Also, Kate briefly visited the First World War gallery where she met the historians and descendants of World War One soldiers.

During the visit, the proud mother of three was wearing a beautiful three-quarter sleeve blue dress. She wore the outfit on a beige heel and an appropriate strapless handbag.

The heels are very comfy and flexible to use, no wonder she has been seen wearing them for several occasion.

On Tuesday, the Duchess went out with Prince William to visit the coach core at Basildon Sports Village in Essex to learn more about the training program.

During the visit, Kate despite been on her heels joined the youngsters in playing lawn tennis. And when he met other royal fans, Kate warmly welcomed the fan, who was immediately grateful.

“Thank you very much,” said Kate, while hugging the woman named Janet Emery. She further added “Hugs are very important. I keep saying that to my children.”

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