Kim Kardashian Big Cleavage At LAX


Whenever there are reports of Kim Kardashian at, say, the airport, it always includes the fact she was “mobbed” at the public location. Less mentioned is the fact she wasn’t mobbed by hordes of adoring fans, but by the media itself because her photo is worth a few copper pennies and everybody wants a visual piece of her, and her husband as well. Thus, if you’re Kim Kardashian, and you make your living off your lady curves, you can’t just arrive at the airport in stretch pants and a baggy sweatshirt. Oh, no, not for 10,000 photos.

Thus, Kim and her funbags made their way through LAX barely contained in her dress, as is her want. It’s not a complex attention getting strategy, but it is the oldest one in the book, to go along with her profession. I’m not complaining in the least. If you have to wait 90 minutes in a TSA security line, why not have something more fun to leer at than the lady bringing on eleven carry ons. Two will do nicely, especially the way Kim has them packed. Enjoy.

52089856 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted at LAX in Los Angeles, California on June 12, 2016. They are currently en route to France, and Kim was dressed comfortably for the flight in a tight and stretchy grey dress. FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (310) 505-9876
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