Laura Avila Slipped into Coma


Laura Avila, a Dallas Real Estate Agent, who went into coma after an unsuccessful surgery in Mexico, was transferred to a nursing home.

Laura‚Äôs lawyer Larry Friedman revealed that Laura’s family on Saturday made a difficult decision to take her to the palliative center, and the family thinks her life is now in God’s hands.

We were informed that the family agreed that hospice was the best option for Laura after extensive discussion with her medical team.

Laura Avila
Credit: GoFundMe

Laura went into coma after surgeons in Ciudad Juarez screw up her nose when they wrongly gave her anesthesia. Earlier, Laura was said to have suffered heart attack about four times ahead of the surgery, was placed on coma by the doctors to avoid further damage

Laura was trying to save money by going south of the border. In Mexico, she was stranded for eight days before her family brought her back to Texas..

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