Lil Kim Surprises Gabrielle Union during her 46th Birthday Party


The 46th birthday party of Gabrielle Union was full of spark, and It’s all because Lil ‘Kim came to sing, after which he revealed a fascinating story of how their friendship started.

D-Wade and other friends of Gabrielle were present on Saturday night after the Miami Heat match at the party tagged the ‘90s in anticipation of her 46th birthday. Out of the blue one of Kim’s track (The Jump Off) was played. Suddenly, Lil Kim appeared to shock the celebrant.

Gabrielle’s reaction made it clear that she wasn’t expecting Kim. Kim sang a few more lyrics from a couple of her songs; Then she narrated how she and Gabby met and became close friends.

Kim says she initially thought Gabrielle would be a snob, but when she discovered that Gabrielle Union was a friendly person and fine with hanging out at night in the studio. a new friendship commenced

Gabrielle and Dwayne’s outfit was akin to that of Gwen Stefani and Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-air.

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