Megyn Kelly Gives NBC Condition for Signing “Confidentiality Agreement”


Megyn Kelly told NBC he would not reveal the information he has on the TV company and the staff, provided they pay her a particular amount of money.

Close sources to the Negotiation team, reveals that NBC made an offer of $38 million to Kelly, Which the TV company says it is the balance of her money accrued to her. As it was revealed earlier, Megyn earned about $ 25 million a year. She had used a year and a few months out of her 3years contract.

We were informed that NBC added a standard clause – a confidentiality agreement. Kelly’s Lawyer responded that his client would only sign if an additional $ 10 million is added. We were told that NBC ignored her attorney.

NBC, sure have to be worried … Kelly wrote a book titled – “Settle for More” where she attacked the Fox News Channel and had been censorious of the network.

We were made to realized that reconciliatory negotiation is going on.

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