Paris Hilton Maybe Forced To Return Engagement Ring To Chris


Paris Hilton is yet to give back the very pricey ring that Chris Zylka gave to her when he engaged her earlier this year, but maybe it’s only a matter of time before she will have to return it.

Sources close to Chris revealed that he had paid about $ 2 million for the ring. Based on reports, he enjoyed a considerable price reduction on the ring. The jewelry merchant and Paris have close links, and goldsmith’s advertisement is worth a lot of money.
Information says that it was Paris who broke up their relationship. According to California law, it means if she annuls the engagement, then she to have to return the ring. And it was not a shock when we heard that Chris wants the ring back.

We were told by a source that the duo has not seen each other after the breakup, and Chris has not asked for the ring, but it is certain he wants it back.

The ring is one in a million, with a massive 20 carats diamond – which took about four months to split.

One would have thought that a ring that precious would have been used more carefully, it will surprise you to know that she has lost it at least once since Chris proposed to her in Aspen.

Sources reveal that Chris will do the difficult task of asking if Paris doesn’t understand the handwriting on the wall.

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