Pictures of Justin Bieber Eating Burrito at The Park is Fake


Are you aware of the trending picture of Justin Bieber enjoying a burrito? Yeah. That had been as a false story, courtesy of the exact guys who got Will Smith to hop into the Grand Canyon.

The fact is, this photo of “Justin” that got the Web berserk these past few days is a whole farce staged by the YouTube gang, called Yes Theory . . . Which they diligently recorded and afterward present in an explainer vid uploaded to their Youtube Channel on Sunday.

It is nuts . All the leading news company reported the information of that which seemed to be JB munching a burrito in the park . . . Eating it from the side, just like corn on the cob. Most people believed it was bizarre and consequently roasted the celebrity.

Unfortunately — it wasn’t Justin in the pic. it turned out a dead-on doppelganger (who also hails from Canada ) and whose name is Brad Sousa. They disguised the guy up in a kind of Bieber resemblance outfit, and swiftly, immediate virus-like status was attained.

Take a look at their vid to discover precisely how the entire thing occurred . Finally, let’s keep this in mind. Looks could be deceiving.

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