Tekashi Pleads Guilty To Avoid Jail Term…


Tekashi69’s attorneys should organize “Let’s make a deal” … because they just got him another mouth-watering deal in his case for the alleged attack on New York police officer.

The rapper went to court on Wednesday morning in Brooklyn and pleaded guilty to wrongful conduct, and in return, the prosecutors let go the charge of the assault charges he had been battling in court.

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Remember that the police caught Tekashi in May because he was found to be driving with a suspended license. While been apprehended, he allegedly pressed the officer’s hand. I have to say that in all his cases, this was the smallest, he portrayed a thug act.

For the wrong act, the judge granted Tekashi a conditional release. His lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, revealed that the condition given to Tekashi, was for him to remain clean for the next one year; otherwise, he could face immediate imprisonment.

He has been cleaning up all his legal problems. The judge in his case of child sex told Tekashi the same thing, three weeks ago when he was on placed on probation – avoid wrong conduct.

Of course, a few hours after the judgment, Tekashi group was involved in a gun battle – then was the gunshot fired at his new music video set in Beverly Hills.

He was captured on camera leaving the Brooklyn Courthouse looking unperturbed by all the recent chain of events.

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