Why Katy Holmes put on a wedding ring?


A picture of Katie Holmes wearing a glittering diamond ring was shot on Wednesday in New Orleans, but it’s not an engagement ring as many thought.

The 39-year-old actress has been rumored to be in a relationship with Jamie Foxx for more than four years, although they have never verified the connection. Several times there have been rumors of their engagement in the midst of their not entirely secret love affair, and they repeated it with the diamond ring. But we learned that it was meant for her new film The Secret Movie.

The rep of the actress revealed to page six on Wednesday that – “Katie’s not engaged to anyone besides her fictional movie fiancé, played by Jerry O’Connell.”

Foxx has also been seen in New Orleans Of late while recording Netflix upcoming film – Power in the city.
Holmes and 50 years old Foxx, triggered love affair rumors for the first time in 2013 when they were seen dancing together at fundraising. The news was about one year after the actress separated from Tom Cruise.
In 2017, they were photographed during a walk on the beach. That year, Holmes was also at Foxx’s 50th birthday party.

“They are really happy,” revealed by a source to E! News in 2017. “It’s easy, and they are for sure very much in love.”

“Katie and Jamie will not at any time talk about their union. They like their life private.” The source told her.
Last January, Holmes, and Foxx were seen exchanging intimacy at a pre- Grammy’s gala. During the summer, They were sighted at a different dinner.

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